I love Jesus. And I love words.

I’m Chuck Miller. I write poetry, and I love to write about my Lord.

I love the excellent use of words. Memorable words. I’d love to gather others together, others who love excellent words.

It is no mistake that one title used for Jesus himself is “The Word of God”.

The most excellent Word ever. The most excellent Word imaginable.

I am doing two things with this website, and I’d like you to join me. I’m sharing some of my own writing–poetry and Christian devotions–in the hopes that you will enjoy it and be inspired by it.

I’d like to inspire this same attitude in God’s people again. Why? Through excellent words, to attract people to the most excellent Word: Jesus.

I taught high school English, Journalism and Bible at Toledo Christian Schools for thirteen years. Then I worked as a chaplain (weekends and nights) at The Toledo Hospital. I currently work for surgery at the hospital full time, in the Sterile Processing dept., working with the surgical instruments and the surgeons.

That allows me to pursue what has always been my true love: writing. Words. Since high school I’ve considered myself a writer. And it’s one of those things that I suspect is from God, because I cannot not write!

And what is a “bard”? He was storyteller, poet, sometimes a singer for a Medieval king and his court. The most famous bard of all time? Merlin.

There was a time not so many years ago when most of the greatest masters of words were Christians. Wordsworth, Longfellow, Eliot, Lewis, Tolkien . . .

Do I class myself with such people. Of course not! But I do try to be a poet for my Lord, and to tell his story as well as I can, in poetry and more directly in the devotions I write six days a week.

And I share one special feature at all times, which currently is my novel-in-poetry titled Nimue´. Read the intro and see if it’s your kind of thing; it’s my take on the companion of Merlin’s old age, from the King Arthur myths. I hope you enjoy it.

And there are my Roadkill devotions, six days a week (I take Sundays off). I do them a little differently, putting my Roadkill (thoughts that have struck me along the way!) saying at the top, so that I can put the Scripture last, where we are most likely to remember it.

Maybe you’re a little like me. Maybe you love Jesus, and you love to write. Maybe with me you try to write as excellently as you can. Or maybe you just appreciate great words, whether you’re a Christian or not.

Come on along on the journey! Share your stuff in the post boxes that all of the pages of this website have, at the bottom. Or share beautiful readings that you have come across from poets and other great writers. Check my Ramblings page. Some of the stuff there is from other writers like Joseph Brodsky and Irina Ratushinskaya, little memorable snippets . . .

. . . of excellent words.

Share some at the bottom of that page. Let’s journey to excellence in writing and in knowing our Savior . . . the excellent Word of all words!


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